Hydro turbines produce power 24 hours per day, every day and as a result can provide a very cost-effective alternative when compared to other forms of renewable energy. The initial capital cost is an important part of the decision to pursue any particular avenue for energy production, as a result Alternative Hydro Solutions Ltd. offers a range of options and sizes. The key element is the turbine itself, a person can fabricate the remainder with some technical ability, and accordingly the turbine is offered separately. From the turbine only to a complete generating system we can supply your needs.

The base turbine consists of a 0.45 m² ( 5.4 ft² ) turbine with a diameter of 1.25m (4.1 ft) and a single support arm. The price of this and any other unit is available on request. Shipping and mounting platforms are not included in these prices.

Further comments on any potential site are available upon request. Some information that would aid in commenting would include the following; water velocity, available depth and width, degree of seasonal variation, and the roughness of the riverbed. Metric hardware is available at a premium.


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